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Welcome to Integral Healing with Cheryl Wolf - the trusted destination for genuine energy healing service that people rely on in Bourbonnais, IL.

It all began with her very own personal journey towards healing. Like everyone else, she lived a hectic lifestyle focused on taking care of the many demands of life. And then it began...An ache one day, a stronger pain as time went on. The intermittent aching expanded to multiple parts of her body, the pain intensified and fear grew.

The pain held her back from doing the things she needed and wanted to do – it affected her mind, body and spirit. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctor said there was no cure. She knew right then that there was a decision to be made; she could take this negatively and continue to suffer, or could take action and make this a turning point in her life.

She decided on the latter and her life was never the same again. She focused her time and effort into learning as much as possible about healing herself and others. In no time, it ignited her passion to know more about healing and helping, not just herself, but other individuals going through their own mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges.
As a Licensed and National Board Certified Counselor, she went on to complete extensive training and internships to become a National Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Doctor in RoHun Transpersonal Psychology. She learned to work with energy healing in many forms and not only healed herself and totally release the fibromyalgia, but developed the skills to provide compassionate, knowledgeable service others can count on, who are coping with emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual pain.

In 2000, Integral Healing services was established, and Cheryl has since helped thousands of individuals gain their way back to personal healing.

JUNE 2017
A Sibella Publication Magazine

Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
Exploring the Multidimensional Self

The big questions of life...Who Am I? Why am I here? get even bigger when we begin to ponder cosmically, dimensionally, from our Soul’s perspective!

I invite you to open to your active imagination which is the key to accessing the higher vibration of cosmic consciousness. This is where your Soul travels to universal realms that become the reality from which you grow, learn and heal!

Begin the journey by connecting deeply within your heart to merge with your
Soul’s energy and access the healing, gifts and mysteries of Cosmic
Consciousness! This is where you begin to experientially understand that there are multidimensional aspects of your Soul that comprise a magnificent, expansive Self.

The key is to allow yourself to be free and open to whatever your imagination
brings to mind! Become aware of the inner landscape and gain an understanding of the meaning or purpose of what you discover through imaginatively and actively interacting with the symbols, images, or messages that you discover in your inner journey! Ask questions, be aware of emotions and intuitive thoughts that float in, or what you are sensing about the experience! These are the gifts that can guide your life in new and incredible ways!

Allow yourself to glean the wisdom offered in this expanded awareness, and then make your life choices from your Soul’s perspective! Be bold, step forward in new ways, and enjoy the profound ways your life unfolds! These changes may take you out of your comfort zone or bring judgment, criticism, or ridicule from those who don’t understand the ‘new you’. This new, expansive spiritual path is to be taken one step at a time, with discernment, and with the empowerment and guidance from your own Soul!

So how do you move into this profound experience? Through engaging in a
meditation practice that brings you beyond your physical world experience.

Try this!  Settle into slow, rhythmic breathing, center your awareness in your body, then in your heart. Next, set your intention to connect with your Soul with a feeling of deep gratitude and love. You can often feel the connection to higher vibration through physical experiences like tingling, pulsing, warmth, chills, etc. When this occurs, you know that you have begun to connect with an aspect of your Soul that is multidimensional in its nature, meaning that while it resides within your physical body, its origins are Divine, energetic and vibrational in other realms of existence!

Once you connect, it then becomes possible to journey, explore and understand the cosmic dimensions that are held within the Soul’s vibrational nature! The images, symbols and experiences on your journey within, are unique, significant and healing. Divine Wisdom to guide you in your life is gifted to you through those experiences! To unfold even deeper meaning requires only your desire to engage, your inspiration to be open to new experiences, and your willingness to change! And what a world you will create when you bring the heavens to guide your existence on Earth!