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Welcome to Integral Healing with Cheryl Wolf - the trusted destination for genuine energy healing service that people rely on in Bourbonnais, IL.

It all began with her very own personal journey towards healing. Like everyone else, she lived a hectic lifestyle focused on taking care of the many demands of life. And then it began...An ache one day, a stronger pain as time went on. The intermittent aching expanded to multiple parts of her body, the pain intensified and fear grew.

The pain held her back from doing the things she needed and wanted to do – it affected her mind, body and spirit. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctor said there was no cure. She knew right then that there was a decision to be made; she could take this negatively and continue to suffer, or could take action and make this a turning point in her life.

She decided on the latter and her life was never the same again. She focused her time and effort into learning as much as possible about healing herself and others. In no time, it ignited her passion to know more about healing and helping, not just herself, but other individuals going through their own mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges.
As a Licensed and National Board Certified Counselor, she went on to complete extensive training and internships to become a National Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Doctor in RoHun Transpersonal Psychology. She learned to work with energy healing in many forms and not only healed herself and totally released the fibromyalgia, but developed the skills to provide compassionate, knowledgeable service others can count on, who are coping with emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual pain.

In 2000, Integral Healing services was established, and Cheryl has since helped thousands of individuals gain their way back to personal healing.

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Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
Breaking Free From Illusion!

 We all have them – Illusions. They originate from many sources, live within us in many ways, and are sometimes obvious but often insidious and covert. While we use them to pump up our ego and at times for comfort, they also keep us small and anchored in a false and limited self because...they are not real! Illusions are information wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses, deceptive in appearance or impression, and hold a false idea or belief.

Where do they come from? Those deeply held illusions come from our earliest life experiences when we perceive our world from a limited ability to understand the larger picture. They come from other’s comments and judgments about ‘who we are’ when we were so young we simply accepted them as truth. They come from our time in the womb, where we sense and absorb fear, chaos, or violence around us, as sound and emotional vibrations are easily transmitted in that watery world. From this, we may develop a pervasive sense of apprehension about life to come. And even earlier still, during our transition from spirit into form, we develop beliefs, fears, and expectations that create illusions about our sense of self and our world! For instance, it may have felt like being ‘cast out’ from the heavenly realms because we were inherently bad or had done something wrong. We may then develop the illusion that we are not worthy of being loved. Or we perceive the journey into form as separation from Divine support and feel lost and alone. These early impressions become embedded into our forming self, and we are left holding deeply ingrained beliefs that we are not conscious of, yet govern our lives.

These illusions create entrenched feelings and beliefs that stay with us through our entire life and mask the true Divine Self that is our Soul. And that is the grand illusion – we have forgotten we are so much more! While the events and experiences of our lives may have been real, these beliefs about self are only the illusions which we have attached to! The good news? This means we can also detach from them, and reclaim our Self as Soul!

We live from our illusions until we reawaken to our true essence – our Divine Self! This happens when we step onto the spiritual path. In ways big and small, we begin to touch upon a vibration that stirs us deeply inside, and calls us to our heart center where we begin to explore more deeply, our Divine Nature. In this way, we become seekers and from our adult wisdom, we glimpse beyond the illusions and come to know that the Soul within, is who we truly are! The Soul contains that Universal/Cosmic/God spark that holds all the beauty, power, and grace of the Source from which it originated! We begin to feel the higher vibrations which shatter the illusions and we find the gifts of Spirit! We remember we are always connected, supported, and Loved!

Much Love and Many Blessings on your journey!

AUGUST  2017
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Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
The Mystical World of Dreams!

As I fell asleep, I was drawn into a new world, an intriguing world where things
happened in ways that could not be experienced in my waking, physical world!
I was walking through a brightly illuminated hallway, openings on either side, Light pouring forth...I wonder where I am and instantly find myself observing two beings, sending orbs of thoughts to one another! I realize I am in training – in fact, this building of Light is a university! Again, I am instantly with a teacher who is healing someone using Light!  I am electrified with excitement and energy! This awakens me from my sleep. Was it real? Does it have meaning beyond my brain making sense of the day’s events?  Unequivocally, YES!

Often dreams help integrate the thousands of pieces of sensory information
experienced throughout the day, but indeed, they offer so much more! In dream
states, miraculous things happen – we can fly, be in a place from the past, or once again with people that have transitioned from physical form. We can get lost in what may seem a familiar setting, but in the dream state, it is all very different – one of many new dimensions to explore! Various scenes can flutter by, seeming chaotic, confusing, or disconnected. So, what to make of these dreams then?

We learn! We expand our consciousness as dreams allow us to receive information from our Soul’s cosmic perspective, that guide our journey in this lifetime! Spirit speaks through symbols, sounds, feelings...move past the concrete way the brain understands a dream and open to the richness of the spiritual realms! Worlds of insight come alive, tailor made to give profound messages to the unique beings that we are, for the unique place and time in our life. The key lies in understanding the ‘language’!

Often people turn to dream interpretation through books, internet searches, or folk lore passed down through the years. These sources offer some guidance, but the real gems of insight come from our very own associations to what is presented in the dream. This is because the scenes and symbols that crop up in dreams, are there because of their specific meaning to us – a message from our Higher Self!

There are many layers and dimensions in understanding the spiritual information dreams offer, and a first step is journaling the dream, and beginning to note our own personal associations to the significant symbols, people or sequences of events that arise. Try not to think about this with your physical brain, but rather simply ask, “When I think of this person or object, what qualities, characteristics, or feelings come to mind?”  Let the answer arise in a flash, whatever comes first! It is these associations that begin to form guidance specifically for you! Strung together, your associations will shed light on a life struggle, or raise something of importance to expand your consciousness, or
bring awareness about a next step forward in your life’s journey!

Have fun, enjoy the mystical journey and...Sweet Dreams!

JULY 2017
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Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
Discovering Higher Vibration!

Imagine that your life's path - the journey of your Soul - and your ability to heal, is determined by the spiritual vibration you choose to hold.  That what you are able to see, sense, feel and understand, is contained within an energy field of vibration in which you choose to live.  This is the ancient way, the spiritual way that we are remembering, rediscovering and reawakening in our consciousness!
Generally, you see a world of material objects in which the energy vibrates at a slow, dense level because human beings also vibrate within that range in the cellular structure of their bodies.  However, the exciting news is that when you engage in deep meditations or certain types of breathwork, over time, you can begin to increase both the vibration and the frequency of your energy, which begins to heighten and expand your perceptions and your ability to assist in your own emotional and physical healing.  
As you build your capacity to hold higher vibrations/frequency in meditative states, you begin to have the most amazing journeys!  Worlds of possibility open where nothing is bound by the limitations of this densely vibrating world of material things or by the laws of physical science!  Traveling through inner worlds and dimensions is as quick as the speed of thought and fueled by the passion of your heart!  Your inner perception opens to colors, sounds, symbols, and images that have great meaning...far beyond the fanciful that some dismiss as daydreams!  Answers to life problems, new ideas...the very substance of creation can be found in the many dimensions within.  
When conscious intention is added to your journey, Spiritual guidance opens new passages into the mysteries of the universe.  When intentional thoughts and deep yearning are in-spired...meaning ignited from the powerful essence of your Soul’s desire, your life begins to change!  Abilities develop to harmonize with new levels of vibrations and frequencies of cosmic energy, and your spiritual connection expands and strengthens.  This allows movement out of states of fear and negativity, and forward in Love and compassion.  A sense of well-being ensues and there is a feeling of being in balance, in the flow of life.  You find you are at the right place at the right time, as body, mind, and spirit work in unity for deep healing, and intuitive senses expand.  This does not mean that you are free from difficult things happening in life or that the old wounds of lifetimes no longer have their impact.  Quite the contrary!  This means, however, that you can face life from a place of strength.  That you can heal even the deepest wounds and make choices from discernment and wisdom vs. being reactive from old patterns that no longer serve you.
This is the exciting journey of the Soul...the journey of lifetimes! 
Engage Consciously and Enjoy!

 JUNE 2017
A Sibella Publication Magazine

Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
Exploring the Multidimensional Self

The big questions of life...Who Am I? Why am I here? get even bigger when we begin to ponder cosmically, dimensionally, from our Soul’s perspective!

I invite you to open to your active imagination which is the key to accessing the higher vibration of cosmic consciousness. This is where your Soul travels to universal realms that become the reality from which you grow, learn and heal!

Begin the journey by connecting deeply within your heart to merge with your
Soul’s energy and access the healing, gifts and mysteries of Cosmic
Consciousness! This is where you begin to experientially understand that there are multidimensional aspects of your Soul that comprise a magnificent, expansive Self.

The key is to allow yourself to be free and open to whatever your imagination
brings to mind! Become aware of the inner landscape and gain an understanding of the meaning or purpose of what you discover through imaginatively and actively interacting with the symbols, images, or messages that you discover in your inner journey! Ask questions, be aware of emotions and intuitive thoughts that float in, or what you are sensing about the experience! These are the gifts that can guide your life in new and incredible ways!

Allow yourself to glean the wisdom offered in this expanded awareness, and then make your life choices from your Soul’s perspective! Be bold, step forward in new ways, and enjoy the profound ways your life unfolds! These changes may take you out of your comfort zone or bring judgment, criticism, or ridicule from those who don’t understand the ‘new you’. This new, expansive spiritual path is to be taken one step at a time, with discernment, and with the empowerment and guidance from your own Soul!

So how do you move into this profound experience? Through engaging in a
meditation practice that brings you beyond your physical world experience.

Try this!  Settle into slow, rhythmic breathing, center your awareness in your body, then in your heart. Next, set your intention to connect with your Soul with a feeling of deep gratitude and love. You can often feel the connection to higher vibration through physical experiences like tingling, pulsing, warmth, chills, etc. When this occurs, you know that you have begun to connect with an aspect of your Soul that is multidimensional in its nature, meaning that while it resides within your physical body, its origins are Divine, energetic and vibrational in other realms of existence!

Once you connect, it then becomes possible to journey, explore and understand the cosmic dimensions that are held within the Soul’s vibrational nature! The images, symbols and experiences on your journey within, are unique, significant and healing. Divine Wisdom to guide you in your life is gifted to you through those experiences! To unfold even deeper meaning requires only your desire to engage, your inspiration to be open to new experiences, and your willingness to change! And what a world you will create when you bring the heavens to guide your existence on Earth!