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Welcome to Integral Healing with Cheryl Wolf - the trusted destination for genuine energy healing service that people rely on in Bourbonnais, IL.

It all began with her very own personal journey towards healing. Like everyone else, she lived a hectic lifestyle focused on taking care of the many demands of life. And then it began...An ache one day, a stronger pain as time went on. The intermittent aching expanded to multiple parts of her body, the pain intensified and fear grew.

The pain held her back from doing the things she needed and wanted to do – it affected her mind, body and spirit. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctor said there was no cure. She knew right then that there was a decision to be made; she could take this negatively and continue to suffer, or could take action and make this a turning point in her life.

She decided on the latter and her life was never the same again. She focused her time and effort into learning as much as possible about healing herself and others. In no time, it ignited her passion to know more about healing and helping, not just herself, but other individuals going through their own mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges.
As a Licensed and National Board Certified Counselor, she went on to complete extensive training and internships to become a National Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Doctor in RoHun Transpersonal Psychology. She learned to work with energy healing in many forms and not only healed herself and totally released the fibromyalgia, but developed the skills to provide compassionate, knowledgeable service others can count on, who are coping with emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual pain.

In 2000, Integral Healing services was established, and Cheryl has since helped thousands of individuals gain their way back to personal healing.

Integral Healing: Your Soul’s Journey!
The Invisible Body - Energized!

For most people, we look in the mirror and see what we believe to be an image of our self.  We tend to it, fret over its aging, and experience its aches and pains as proof of its existence.  Sometimes we contemplate a little bit deeper about an aspect of our self, and acknowledge that we are also our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  This expands our consciousness a bit, and we become more aware of who we are.  And then, for some, there comes a time of inner sensing that goes deeper still!  There is something more, stirring awake our curiosity, and we step onto a spiritual path.  Here we connect with our energy body and then, our consciousness about who we really are expands again!  We begin to experience physical sensations such as chills, currents, pulses, or waves of energy.  We are coming alive at a new level!
This is an awakening of our Invisible Body, our energy body!  And then it is what we feel, vs. what we see in a mirror, that becomes our authentication of who we truly are.  The experience of feeling energy flowing within, is our physical body accommodating to the higher vibrations and frequencies of Spirit - our Soul, our True Essence.  It both contains and is the conduit for this vital life force which connects us spiritually, offers us inner peace, and is essential in maintaining our health.  The energy body is not something we can touch or see – it is invisible! - but its existence is the most real part of us! 
In today’s world, we have come to acceptance of energy meridians, the pathways or channels for this energy.  They are like tubes running throughout the body, carrying the vital life force energy or prana, with every breath!  When the energy flows free, open, and unblocked, we experience good health.  When this energy gets trapped, blocked, or restricted, we experience health issues –physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  We can get disconnected from ourselves and others, and find ourselves feeling lost and stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us.
The more we open to, allow, and set intentions to connect with this energy of our Soul, we build capacity to hold more of this vital energy!  Why is this important?  Because our spiritual connection not only keeps us vibrant, balanced and feeling a sense of peace and well-being, but it also carries within it, information.  This information, coming via your Spirit-Soul connection, carries insight, guidance, and resonance from the Source of its origin!  This means a much higher vibration of Love is experienced, a Divine perspective about life’s purpose is awakened, and an opening to the Wisdom of All Time becomes available from which to make choices and decisions to move forward in life.  We step into what is possible, potentials we could not reach from our physical viewpoint alone and we feel inspired about life!

And then you remember ~ You truly are the vibration of Love!


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