Inspirational Messages

May these words touch your heart, inspire connection with your Divien Essence, and prompt inner guidance to blossom!
Everything in the world is made of energy!  Within the core, or nucleus, of every atom is vibrating energy.  Doesn’t it make sense that for deep healing to occur, we need to work with that deeply held energy?! 

These Inspirational Messages offer ideas to explore to open to higher vibrations and dimensional energies!
Channeled Thoughts...
A Soul's Perspective!

There are times when we can actually feel the experience in the words we read,  Times when the energy is transported as well as the message.  These times are how Channeled Thoughts reach us, touch somewhere inside, stir us or shift us just a bit!  
Coming through in the stillness, when that powerful voice can be heard most clearly, a soul speaks.   Its message seems to speak just to you, yet it is universal in its expression.   A beautiful nudge, perhaps a reassurance or a gentle bit of guidance, allow the gift of the message to unfold its blessings!


A Soul communicates with Universal Source in unique ways! 

Sometimes in meditation or prayer, sometimes through envisioning colors and images, sometimes through the vibration of sound! 

Whether you are at a time of calling out or a time of receiving insight, or patiently waiting…please know that your open heart, your sincere intention, and your vibration of love brings your consciousness into resonance with the higher Divine Consciousness. 

In that mystical moment, the seeker is heard, a touch of grace is given, and spiritual capacity expands! 

Transformation through the
Dark Night...

When we are struggling, when life is difficult, we want to move forward, get beyond, and feel better. But it is in these very times of deep despair, that our defenses are challenged enough to begin to crack.  We recognize "it" is too much to bear alone. It is then, that we often turn to a Higher Power, greater than ourselves, for answers, comfort, relief from the pain. And in the quietness of the dark night of the Soul, we make a connection...we hear, sense, see or feel the presence of Spirit...
Be patient, we are told 
Be in stillness, we are encouraged
Look up, we are guided
Step into the Light, we are called
Surrender, we are asked
Merge into Oneness, and we are Loved!
Then, from the Oneness, we are impulsed once again
Our Spirit beginning its journey back into life
A new day, a different purpose
We re-emerge into form.
We are Evolved, there are new choices, 
Yet, old habits surface, old choices confront us
But, new stirrings of the Soul prompt us towards ascension

What will we choose to manifest with this sacred lifetime?
Will we listen deeply? In a new way?
Will we take up the call of the Soul?
At once We remember
Look up....Step into the Light
And then, Surrender and Merge
In our humanness, 
Awakening again and again,
Actions then informed by Divine Consciousness
We manifest a new way!
May we all celebrate this miraculous process as we move through
it in our own ways in our own lives!
May we begin again to honor our Soul in this human experience.
May our thoughts, words and actions be in service of the new way.
May we experience abiding peace and embody the enduring
vibration of Divine Love!

Much Love and Many Blessings!
Sacred Song of Prayer…

I sing my song to the universe, 
with every thought, word and deed 
I sing my song to the universe, 
and I wonder if I've been heard?
I cry out with all my anguish,
I celebrate with my joys,
I sing out to the universe, 
and hold faith that I've been heard.
I know I'm singing loudly
From the depth of all my pain
I know I'm singing loudly
But does anybody hear my refrain?
Is there someone listening?
My heart is calling out
Then into my life comes something,
An answer to a prayer? …Doubt?
Almost unnoticed
Not how I expected
Could have missed it
Had I been not aware.
I then wonder if I've been listening?
Or more caught up in my Story?
How many answers have gone unnoticed?
As I lingered in my helplessness, my busyness.
The signs, the messages
Brought by strangers whom I meet
Or by friends, or books, or emails
Or through dreams, smells, synchronicity 
How have I been listening?
Deeply from my soul?
For answers are unfolding
In my heart, becoming clear
A door opens
An opportunity dawns
A choice awaits
Then I know with certainty 
My songs carried the message

When I tread into the deeper waters, I find Truth!

My mind is open, and I hear a faint but perceptible voice.
It calls me to listen, to ponder, to wonder,
On what, I ask?
Why on Truth, of course!
Hmmm, what Truth? Which Truth?
That is the first question to ponder!
What is Truth?
This necessitates moving through layers...
Layers of opinions...mine, parents, friends...
Sorting through beliefs...are they Truth?
Or merely what I've been told - learned before I knew?
Hmmm, what is it that I Know?
Are the things I know Truth? Are facts Truth? 
What happens when facts contradict one another?
What happens when new discoveries generate new facts?
New discoveries...I pause, 
I feel something energetically,
Curiosity is awakened 
and in meditation, I peer into the void.
What awaits...I anticipate,
I allow inner senses to explore,
Symbols, colors, sounds 
All differently communicated, differently understood.

I bring the newly discovered into the physical world.
I journal, draw, speak about what I found,
What I sensed, what I came to understand.
In the process, insight dawns!

Ahhh, a piece of Truth falls into place,
my perspective shifts, 
I think differently, believe differently,
I make new choices, engage in new behaviors.

​I Am different. More of my Self somehow.
The Truth was discovered in the journey,
Days, months, years in the making.

And as I ponder my experience,
I ask myself, what is Truth? 
 I peer deeper still, listen deeply...

My journey continues and I move through gateways,
Plunging deeper into the waters of consciousness.

There I find Truth,
Over and over again.