1. Counseling
    Along with over 30 years of experience with traditional therapeutic approaches, Cheryl also has advanced training in Energetic healing. Through the use of hypnotherapy, Reiki, Subtle Energy Healing (in-person or distance healing), RoHun Transpersonal Psychology, Integral Breathwork Therapy, guided imagery, and dream work she helps you to release deeply rooted problems such as chronic pain, trauma/crisis issues, depression, anxiety, stress reduction and difficulties within interpersonal relationships.
    Individual Healing / Spiritual Evolution!
  2. Energy Healing
    Energy Healing
    Begin the rewarding journey of opening to your Higher Self, of learning to hear the quiet, steady voice of your own Truth, and of restoring balance and harmony to your life. Whether working individually or in a group; in-person or from a distance, there are many ways to heal with energy! From healing deeply held psychological pain and trauma, to spiritual seeking and expanding consciousness, to helping your body heal from chronic pain or illness, working with the Subtle Energy System of your body accelerates the process. It’s an exciting time in the world of Energy Healing! Call now to learn more!
    Remote Sessions Available!

Spiritual Teaching​​​​

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Welcome to Integral Healing with Cheryl Wolf - the trusted authority in energy healing and transpersonal psychology in Bourbonnais, IL.

Cheryl Wolf puts her wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to use in helping her clients overcome their biggest healing challenges. Be it physical, psychological, or spiritual, you can be sure you're getting trusted help you can count on every time.

Cheryl is a:

- Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
- National Board Certified Counselor
- National Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Doctor of RoHun Transpersonal Psychology
- Reiki Master and Teacher
- Published author in a monthly international magazine dedicated to nourishing the spirit and soul of women

So whether you need hypnotherapy, energy healing, transpersonal psychology, or other related services - all geared towards helping you optimize your health and well-being, reach out to Cheryl Wolf and experience a new level of healing that you and your loved ones can benefit from.

Cheryl Wolf offers personalized services which include, but are not limited to:

- Integral Healing
- Energy Healing
- Psychological Transpersonal Counseling

- Spiritual Teaching
- Group intensive retreats and workshops

Cheryl Wolf finds fulfillment in being able to provide the compassionate, knowledgeable service people need in order to get them back on the right track towards spiritual, mental, and physical health.

For more information on Cheryl Wolf's amazing healing services, please email Cheryl at [email protected] or give her a call at (815) 932-3395, Option #5 today!

Workshop Types
Weekend Intensives on topics such as co-dependence, releasing shame, moving out of helplessness and into your own strength, working through past abuse, trauma issues or history of family dysfunction.

One-Two Day Workshops on topics such as Activating and Balancing your Chakras, Awakening Intimacy for Couples, expanding your Meditation practice to new levels, training to become a Reiki Practitioner, or Mind/Body Healing.

One hour to Half-Day Groups for Meditation, Integral Breath Therapy or deepening your Spiritual Connection.

Workshop Scheduled

Monthly Group Meditation and Workshop 

Join in to learn about meditation and deepen your practice!

Begin with an optional silent meditation at 8AM - FREE!


Come for a one-hour session at 8:30AM  - Investment: $20
This includes a brief teaching, guided meditation and processing
 to open to more meaningful levels in your spiritual practice.  


Arrive by 9:45 AM to join in a 6-hour workshop on Muladhara, the Root Chakra!
Investment:  $100

Come for all the events and experience a day-long emersion into the Chakra energy!
Investment:  $120

This is the first adventure into a 7 month sojourn into the Chakras!  
We will be exploring one chakra each month in this format through March 2018!

Where:  Park Place Center  
When:  September 9, 2017
Choose your start time as indicated above!  

Space is limited, registration is required for each option!
Call or email below to register!  
Registration is reserved with payment.
Arrive 10 minutes prior to start time!

A workshop experience that takes you through a unique journey of 

We are so much more than our physical forms!
As we move through our life, we begin to ask
the deeper questions…
Why am I here?  What is my purpose?
Is there more to life?

  This experiential 5-week course offers a place to:
Connect with the Light of your Soul
 Understand the spiritual origins of fear
 Discern messages from your Soul
 Recall the “blueprint” for your life’s purpose
 Deepen your connection to Angelic support

  In either a weekly or retreat format, 

this workshop includes a teaching, an experiential
exercise, sharing, and processing.

Investment: $100
Registration is required and
your spot is reserved with payment.

To Register or for more information:
[email protected]gmail.com

REIKI Training-Levels I & II 

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes the body’s natural healing ability to improve or maintain health.    Reiki healing is a natural, non-invasive healing system that gently balances life energies and brings health and well-being to the recipient.

 Reiki is a type of subtle energy work that treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions and spirit and in doing so, can create many beneficial effects.

JOIN in the next training to:

*Learn the healing techniques of an ancient, proven healing tradition 
*Harness the healing power of Universal Life Force to maximize your health and well-being

~ Learning Reiki requires no previous training or experience!  ~

A new class will be held as interest is generated!

Investment:  $400, includes training, attunements, and manual.

Call or email today with questions or for futher information!
Contact via form below or email:  integralhealercwolf2gmail.com

There Are Many Ways To Work Within Your Energy System For Healing…
*Meditation – Learn the basics or delve deeper into your Spiritual Nature

*Integral Breath Therapy – Learn many ways the breath is used in healing

*Energetic Clearing Process – Understand how old wounds impact you now!

*Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy – Healing of unhealthy life patterns and trauma

*Past Life Regression Therapy – Healing directed towards the origin of an issue

*RoHun Therapy – A Holistic series of Healing Processes that include Psychological

Therapy while also awakening to higher levels of Spiritual Consciousness

*Spiritual Energization – Activating Chakra Energy and Spiritual Connection

*Color and Sound Healing Session – Vibrational healing of the Chakra system

*Reiki – A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also 
promotes the body’s natural healing ability to improve or maintain health.

*Energetic Blood Cleanse – A process that focuses on forgiveness.

*Distance Healing - Request Energy Healing from your home or for someone who cannot come to the office...

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